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Print Dynamics pass their ISO Assessment Audit - thanks to Park Quality Compliance

I would like to thank our ISO Consultant, Paul Mc Donnell and his team at Park Quality Compliance,

Print Dynamics recently completed its three year ISO Assessment Audit for the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standards. I am delighted to report that we successfully passed the audits with no issues or observations raised by the auditing body.

Paul has implemented an integrated ISO Management System that provides our organisation with multiple benefits, some highlights include:

  • Park Quality have aligned the strategic direction of the organisation with the requirements of the ISO Management System.

  • A framework to identify, manage and reduce our environmental impacts. Our organisation now recycles 92% of all waste outputs.

  • Our business risks and opportunities logs enables us to record and prioritise what issues are most likely to affect the business. This process is used to generate active discussion within the organisational team concerning the efficient management of the business.

  • An assurance that the organisation is in compliance with its legal obligations. Our legislation register includes details of all relevant legislation and evidence of compliance is assessed and documented on an annual basis.

Park Quality has helped our organisation to become greener and has implemented a system of continual improvement throughout the business. Pauls attention to detail regarding the ongoing management of our combined ISO system has been invaluable to the business over the past number of years.

Colm Smith

Managing Director

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